Hightstown, NJ

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Our Story

Brendon Pearsall is a first generation farmer who grows cut-flowers in East Brunswick, NJ. He is part of a new and growing trend of young farmers in New Jersey who did not come from a farm family, but instead chose farming as their calling. This new wave of New Jersey farmers saw a rising need in agriculture as many of our veteran farmers are nearing retirement with no next generation to take their place. 

Like many young New Jersey farmers, Brendon is currently attending Rutgers School of Biological and Environmental Sciences, pursuing a degree in Agriculture and Food Systems. He lives with his wife and daughter in Hightstown, NJ. With the help of his family, and the generosity of farmer Jim Giamerse he grows a half an acre of cut-flowers to sell at market's, and via CSA in Central New Jersey.


In the media

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